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About us

Aroma Café Bar first opened it's doors in Oswestry ,Shropshire in July 2005. We'd always dreamed of opening a coffee house , but not just any coffee house.

We, David Robinson and Dave Snelling have created a place which is stylish, yet welcoming where you will never feel uncomfortable if you are on your own. Our staffare friendly, well mannered and welcoming with attention to detail in everything they do, something you rarely see these days.

As an independent in a highly competitive market, our success has resulted from offering outstanding quality, excellent customer service with genuine and relaxed friendly staff.

Aroma has become a venue which has become a large part of the local community, something we are extremely proud of.

The team at Aroma are highly trained baristas with the highest standards and passion to make coffee and beverages that are world class. Specialising in Latte art and cappuccino art so not only does your coffee taste great, it looks great!!!

Aroma is stylish and contemporary and our seating combines bespoke upholstery , sofas, booths and tubs to appeal to all ages whilst playing swing, jazz and blues music.

We use Fair Trade coffee, our sandwiches and panini's are made and packaged on site to ensure complete freshness and we offer a delicious range of cakes, hot snacks and salads.

Aroma is an experience not just somewhere you go for a coffee!! A place you can relax with friends and family or feel comfortable just being there on your own.

Wifi is available and we operate an electronic loyalty card scheme which rewards our loyal customer base with points to spend in our branches. Due to the success of the loyalty card scheme we introduced electronic gift cards which became a massive hit with our regular customers which had led to personalized gift cards being produced!!

Due to the success of our Oswestry branch in June 2007 we opened our second coffee house in Nantwich. Using the same model as Oswestry we created yet another Aroma Cafe Bar and we love the fact that even though it's approximatley 1hrs drive between branches our customers frequent between the two and report back that both provide excellent service and outstanding coffee!! Due to the popularity of Nantwich and the vast kitchen facility we started to introduce more food into our menu and now offer an extensive menu from full Enlgish breakfast's to kick off the day to a varied full menu for Lunch.

In 2012 again due to the popularity of our new menu's we decided to open on a Friday and Saturday Evening offering a different evening menu with full table service, candle light and smooth jazz music. With our newly acquired alcohol licence we were up and running serving wine, bottle beer and cocktails!!

Our branch at Nantwich is fully flexible to host events, functions, parties for all occasions and we can offer a full bar and buffet/food option to suit customer requirements.

We also offer set menus for Christmas parties or any special event along with buffets to suit you budgets.

The transformatoin of Nantwich over the years has been fantastic from being a great coffee house to a Cafe Bar and now a full restaurant.

In December 2010 we opened in Telford Shopping Centre.. Aroma Cafe Bar Telford is yet another successful addition to our small chain of Cafe Bars and have established ourselves as a stylish but welcoming Cafe in this location ,serving great drinks and an extensive food menu to suit all tastes.

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